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About Us

Q-Lam LLC has been in the coated film and reflective insulation business since 2014 with sales in the US and Central America. Q-Lam’s three-member management team has over 60 years of combined experience in the development, manufacturing and sales of radiant barriers, laminated films and fabrics.

With partners in the USA, Europe and Asia, Q-Lam offers a wide range of products and manufacturing capabilities to meet the varying and unique needs of our customers.

We, at Q-Lam, firmly believe that quality is not achieved by inspection, but through the implementation of rigorous process control systems. These systems assure consistent quality and performance.


Q-Lam is positioned at the first tier of the manufacturing / distribution chain thus offering prompt delivery and competitive pricing.

In the past few years this market has seen an influx of un-tested products, not meeting the applicable ASTM Standards. Q-Lam’s Radiant Barriers exceed all ASTM C1313 criteria.

Q-Lam’s core business is the development and manufacturing of Coated and Laminated Films, Fabrics, and Foils providing our customers with products engineered to meet their needs.

We look forward to addressing your next challenge and to help your company experience the world of Q-Lam.

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