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Laminated Films, Foils,

Fabrics & Scrims

Metalized MetPet film / Adhesive / Low Density Polyethylene Films.

- Ideal for heat-seal applications such as reflective bubbles or reflective foam facers.
- Produced to your specifications

Metalized MetPet film / PE / Scrim / Metalized MetPet

- Ideal as a light-weight Radiant Barrier
- Produced to your specifications

PE / High Density PE Fabric / PE

- Ideal as Roof Underlayment
- Produced to your specifications

Our Produced-to-Order Products include:
- Polyethylene Extrusion Laminations
- Co-extrusion of various laminating polymers
- Solvent-based Laminations
- Two-component Epoxy Laminations
- One color printing

Call: 831-277-0933.

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