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Metalized Radiant Barriers

Metalized Aluminum Attic Insulation - Blocks 95% of radiant heat - Heavy Duty -  Perforated for breathability - Available in 1000 or 500 sq ft rolls - 48" wide

1000 sq ft Roll (48" x 250')

or two 500 sq ft rolls

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500 sq ft Roll (48" x 125')

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  • EASY TO INSTALL, in retrofits or new constructions, by stapling to the bottom of rafters and over attic floor. Frequently used as House Wrap for additional insulation. Also used in barns, metal buildings, and poultry houses.

  • PAYS FOR ITSELF by reducing heating cost in winter and cooling cost in summer. Blocks 95% heat radiating from the underside of a hot roof keeping the attic space cooler. Studies showed 23-44% reduction in heat flow through the ceiling.

  • MEETS OR EXCEEDS ALL ASTM C1313 STANDARDS including Class A Fire Rating (E84 with E2599 mounting). Corrosion resistance according to D3310 is achieved by a proprietary clear coating applied to the Metalized Aluminum surface. Pliable, non-toxic, and fungi resistant. Both sides 95% reflective.

  • HEAVY DUTY, with high-density polyethylene core fabric providing superior tear and puncture resistance. Perforated for Breathability - Minimum of 5 Perms.

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